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Weebo – Singapore Point-of-Sales (POS) System

Retail Point-Of-Sale Solution

Unlike most traditional POS system in Singapore, Weebo offers a comprehensive range of features to achieve your business goals! We understand that operating a store with up to thousands of SKUs can be a hassle. Our cloud-based POS software provides a detailed inventory module to keep track of your stock movement between shops and generate sales graphs to show you the best-selling models and brands. 

In order to reduce manual labour and maximize efficiency of your day-to-day operations, Weebo also offers smart handheld mobile scanner to speed up the process of inventory tracking. By introducing smart technology solution, inventory is easy as it is just a beep away! Speed up the process of tracking your inventory with our in-built inventory system in our POS and our mobile stock take device. Increase your business efficiency and your sales today!

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  • Live Inventory Stock Report

  • Handles Accurate Inventory Management

  • Customizable User Access

  • Basic Membership Management

  • Generates Itemized Product Report

  • Barcode Scanning

  • Near Real-Time Sales Report

  • Promotions & Discounts Mechanism

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